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Presented by the Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford and with the kind and generous cooperation of the Astronomy Department of Wesleyan University.

Advanced Amateur Astronomy

StarConn - June 16, 2016 (Note Date Change)
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Van Vleck Obsevatory!

StarConn is now part of the 100th Anniversary Symposium on Thursday, June 16th instead of being held independently on Saturday.
Information about the Symposium for the Celebrating the100th anniversary of the Van Vleck Obsevatory is here

This annual day-long astronomy "convention" is held at the Science Center at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT
Professor William Herbst and Professor Edward Moran, department chair & the staff at the Van Vleck Observatory are our hosts to make this event possible.



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Public Observing committee members cleaned up the 20" Clark - one part of the after dark program at StarConn.

The 1922 20" Alvan Clark Refractor is the centerpiece of our public observing program.  While the 20" is offline being refurbished into a full GoTo system, we use the campus Meade 16" LX-200.   Observing will be done after the evening program. 

The Main Speaker Hall in Science 150

Registration Main Hall
(Photos by Wesleyan University, used with permission)


ASGH's Astronomer of the Year award will be presented before the evening program

A full 3 screen multi media amphitheater with lecture hall seating - virtually any media is supported in this upgraded venue at Science Building Room 150 on Church Street



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