To learn more about astronomy
  1. To be knowledgeable about viewing the sky; stars, planets, etc
  2. Build your own telescope
  3. Grind your own mirror and lens
  4. Learn about collimation, polar alignment, accessories
  5. Understand star positions, setting circles and sidereal time
  6. Learn about astrophotography, CCD’s and software
  7. Learn about astronomy software
  8. Be telescope savvy, technically, all styles
  9. Learn from in-house or outside speakers/ How-to sessions at meetings.
Fellowship and Camaraderie
  1. Star Conn
  2. Star parties
  3. Stellafane
  4. Van Vleck Observatory
  5. Field trips: Observatories, Planetariums, Trade Shows, etc.
  6. Mirror Making Shop
  7. Club meetings
  8. Wesleyan lectures
  9. Club member shops/projects/telescopes
  10. Other Club activities
  11. Visit other Club’s activities
Benefit from Club
  1. Club Library
  2. Club discounts, Magazines, etc.
  3. Club telescope
  4. Bylaws, Officer and Committee List
  5. Meeting minutes/communications/newsletters/internet
  6. New member handouts
  7. Opportunity to buy used equipment
Be committed and assure Club longevity
  1. Pay dues
  2. Be on a committee-Pitch in
  3. Attend meetings
  4. Represent Club, Promote


Written by Al Johnson, ASGH Secretary