Want to get up to the minute information on what’s happening with ASGH? Member activities, Star Parties, and general notices of happenings in the world of astronomy are all available on the ASGH ‘e-group.’ This is a private forum limited to members of ASGH which allows us to communicate between meetings.

To subscribe, send an empty e-mail message to: asgh-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and your e-mail address will be verified to assure that you are a member of ASGH. When you join the forum your name will be added to a list of e-mail addresses, and when someone sends a message to the forum it will go out to all names on the list. To send a message, address it to: asgh@yahoogroups.com.

You will need to create a Yahoo account to sign in and view postings, and view, download, or add files and photos. To make a Yahoo ID, go to http://groups.yahoo.com. On the left side of the screen where it says Sign In, choose Click here to register. Fill out the form, or as much of it as you feel like and press Submit. You can also choose how you want to receive ASGH notices; one at a time, daily digest, or none. Daily Digest allows you to be spared individual e-mails. With this option, you’ll get one e-mail with up to 25 notes that were sent to the forum that day. Of course, you won’t get an immediate response to your posting, but it saves getting multiple e-mails. With None as a selection and a Yahoo ID, you can sign into Yahoo groups and read the ASGH page without having e-mail sent to you.

To download the ASGH Yahoo Groups for Dummies Instructional Guide Click Here. The file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show, if you do not have PowerPoint, you can download the free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer by clicking Here.