Please note there is no parking at the observatory at all, but you certainly may drop off passengers who have difficulty with stairs or changes in elevation. The small parking lot adjacent to the observatory building is for staff use only and you will likely be ticketed.

Use the links below to view maps for the observatory location and parking areas, or enter the coordinates in a GPS device. You can also get directions and a campus map at the university’s web site under the ‘About’ tab on the university’s home page –

41 33 20.22N, 72 39 33.48W
There are two entrances to the building, the east entrance next to the large dome and the west entrance near the small detached dome.

You can park at one of the following locations. In order of the fewest steps:

70 Wyllys Ave, Middletown, CT
41 33 24.25N, 72 39 28.35W
There are two parking lots next to the admissions building. Walk up (about 250 steps) the path to the observatory starting where Wyllys Ave makes a 90 degree turn and becomes Mt Vernon St.

Tennis court (Vine Street) parking lot:
41 33 17.81N, 72 39 41.09W
The tennis courts are bounded by residences 151 Vine Street on the north and 23 Vine Street on the south. A long staircase leading up to the observatory is across the street from the court closest to the parking lot.

Pine Street curb parking next to the science center:
41 33 11.68N, 72 39 30.03W
Walk up Foss Hill Drive to the observatory.