We will be observing from 9 to 11 pm. This weekend is one of the largest events on campus of the year as it is Commencement Weekend! Once again, the Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford has been invited to share our public observing program with the attendees on campus for their Reunion and Commencement Weekend. 

Important Notice: the Announcements by the WHO & CDC as to the global pandemic have changed how they are responding to Covid 19.  No longer will vaccinations and home test kits via Medicare be free. Charges will go through your insurance company. Covid-19 is still out there and new variations are still occurring.  

To that end, the University still expects that all visitors be Fully Vaccinated. We just will not be checking vaccination cards any longer. 

The event posted on the campus calendar states that masks are required for this event. The event was posted when we were asked to open over a month ago. So MASKS covering both your nose and mouth are strongly encouraged within the building. This will be a heavily attended event where we cannot enforce any 6 foot social distancing. There really isn’t adequate ventilation in such a small hallway to go without a mask if you are elderly and have any history of health issues so be mindful of those who do wear masks and give them a little space. N95 or better masks are suggested.  

If you wish to wear a mask at all times, there is a place where our staff say a mask should be taken off – and that is at the eyepiece.  Otherwise you will likely fog the eyepiece!  Of course, you are welcome to leave them on too. Inside the dome we will have open windows as well as the dome slit – weather permitting.


All Parking Rules will be enforced. There is absolutely no parking at the Observatory or anywhere within the O Lot. You will be ticketed. Our team has our license plates on file with Public Safety. Parking directions can be found here.

You may certainly drop off passengers who have difficulty with walking larger distances and park elsewhere in approved locations. Please be cautious when doing so. We may have a telescope outdoors with guests walking around the area in front of the building to look through them. The tennis court parking lot and the Administration parking lot are available with just a short walk. Cross the street from the tennis court and climb the staircase to the observatory atop Foss Hill. Please note there are stairs into the observatory as well and probably the use of a ladder to reach the eyepiece. Persons who must use a wheelchair will need to be able to leave the chair to walk up a set of stairs and be able to use a ladder on wheels to view through the eyepiece.

Thank you.